Garages of the Valley

$ 80.00

for Small Orchestra (2222 2200 Perc (2) Strings) - Proceed to purchase if you would like to buy a study score.  

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Approximate Duration: 15'


Much of the Digital Age was dreamed up in the most low-tech of spaces. The garages that dot the landscape of Silicon V alley housed the visionaries behind Apple, Hewlett Packard, Intel, and Google. The imagined music of these tech workshops begins hyper-kinetically yet sporadically, filled with false starts. It soon flashes into a quicksilver world of out exotic textures and tunings that is informed by the music of Frenchman Gérard Grisey (whose imaginative orchestrations sound electronic but are completely unplugged). The exhilarating finale reflects the infectious optimism of the great inventors of our time, who conjured new worlds within the bright Valley’s dark garages.

The piece is dedicated to Maestro Edo de Waart, who lived just north of the Valley when some of its garages were just starting to burst with energy.


2 flutes (2nd = alto flute & piccolo)
2 oboes (2nd = English Horn)
2 Bb clarinets (2nd = Eb clarinet & bass clarinet) 2 bassoons
2 horns in F 2 C trumpets
percussion (2 players)
marimba (with low C extension), woodblock, sandpaper blocks, djembe, sus. cymbal, bongo, glockenspiel, triangle, xylophone, hi-hat, bass drum